Our Product Line

  • Manchester Hearing Center carries the latest products from several different manufacturers to fit your needs. Unlike most brand name franchise stores which are limited to only fitting one brand, Manchester Hearing Center fits hearing aids from the leading manufacturers including Unitron, Starkey, Sonic Innovations, Oticon, Phonak, Widex, GNReSound.

Digital Technology Level III

3 year repair and 1 year loss warranty
Model with greatest number of bands and channels within each manufacturer*
Enables the highest level of personalization in adjustments
Environmental detection & adaptation systems
Available in a full range of styles

Level II
2 year repair and 1 year loss warranty
Allows fine tuning for speech and other sounds, transitions seamlessly from one acoustic environment to the next
Available in a full range of styles

Level I
1 year repair and 1 year loss warranty
Detects speech and other sounds
Available in a full range of styles

*Number of bands and channels varies per manufacturer

Our Product Lines

"Congratulations, you're in the right place if you suspect you're having hearing problems and need them evaluated. Three years ago I started noticing a loss of hearing with my left ear. But how does one find the right place with all these newspaper ads and pages of hearing services in the phone book?

It ended up being a very simple as my family doctor without hestitation recommended the Manchester Hearing Center.

I trusted his recommendation and after my first appointment saw as to why. I found that everyone at MHC is highly trained and very educated in this field
Right away the whole staff makes you feel like a member of the family. Everyone is very personable and talks to you and not at you like those other places with a shop located in every town.

They truly listen to your concerns and work with you to make the best fit within your means.

I further found that the service at MHC is second to none. They are quick to resolve any issue to keep you hearing properly at all times.

I was so impressed with the staff and service that I recommeded it to a co-worker who was also very pleased.

Do yourself a favor and look no further than Manchester Hearing Center, Schedule your first appointment today! You will be glad you did!" - Bob O'Gara Vernon, CT